Collective healing for our planet

Welcome to the Council for Healing gathering place for planetary healing.

Our planet appears to be suffering and could be headed for serious meltdowns with global heating, flooding, water shortages and worse. We invite you, as healers from various healing traditions, to suggest ways in which healing could contribute to healing our planet.

Healing knows no limits. Healing can be used for families, communities, nations and our planet. 

The Council for Healing is a network of individual healers and healing organizations whose mission is to promote understanding of healing and advance access to healing. We have broad and substantial expertise and experience in the diverse theoretical and practical ways of using healing to help individuals. We find that the potential benefits of healing are limited only by the beliefs and disbeliefs of the healers and their clients. We have been meeting for 7 years, exploring our commonalities and differences and developing our collaborations within a consensus model.

We are facing a world environmental crisis that threatens to create a global heating that may destroy all life as we know it on this planet. We are inviting participating Council for Healing groups to consider ways in which healing can make a contribution towards halting this catastrophe, or at least to softening its effects - through sending healing to our planet as a concerted group of experienced healers. The CfH believes that practicing healing does enhance its effects - so this collective group might offer more potent healing. 

The levels of tolerance of our planetary atmosphere, waters and land for pollution and exhaustion of resources are being exceeded at rates that soon may not be reparable. There may be ways in which healing can directly benefit our planet, Gaia’s, ills.

In addition, healing may contribute to an increased awareness in larger numbers of people on this planet for immediate attention to these dangers. 

There are many organizations working on physical and social levels of healing for our planet. See for instance  and One of the ways we might multiply the benefits of healing is to join with the efforts of some of these groups.

What ways do you suggest we might invoke to bring healing to our planet?

What ways might we come together to bring our collective healing to the planet and everything on it?

Please send us your suggestions. We will post reviewed suggestions on our website. Please visit our site to access the suggestions, and share them with your colleagues and others who are interested in global healing.


The Council for Healing


Please send us your suggestions on a collective healing for our planet.