How Do I Find a Healer ?

Personal Referral: 
Ask around to see who has had a positive experience; ask whether the healer has had success with your particular problem or similar problems. 

Different healers may have more success with specific problems; others may be unsuccessful with particular problems. 

If a healer is unsuccessful in bringing about a change during the first treatment in the problem your want addressed, but you feel something intuitively positive in the interaction, you might go for several more healing treatments. Healing often works gradually, over a series of treatments.

Sometimes healing works in ways you might not expect. A pain, for instance, may have underlying anxieties or tensions that need to be addressed first, before the pain will release – so lack of change in a pain in the first treatment may not be an indication that this is not the right healer for you.

Healthcare Practitioner Referral: 
Ask a physician, therapist or nurse you respect for recommendations. Be aware that some conventional healthcare professionals know little about complementary/ alternative/ integrative therapies, particularly about healing.

Community and Local Organizations and Groups: 
Listen to what people are saying in your community. Your local health food store owner/operator may know and be able to recommend a healer.

Check the local holistic health newspaper, usually available at health food stores.

Check the Yellow Pages: This is a bit more risky, as you have no indication of the levels of training, gifts, competence or ethics of people who advertise. This could be a basis, however, for your asking around regarding the specific names of people whose advertisements attract your attention.

Go to local groups and talk with healers and recipients. Holistic health fairs and conferences are places where you might get to see, hear and speak with healers with potential to help you personally.

Check with registrars of reputable schools for lists of graduates.

National Organizations:
Explore the internet for organizations of specific healing therapies or therapists themselves. Explore organizations involved with healing: healing organizations.

Some of these organizations have geographic lists of providers, and these are usually but not always familiar with and comfortable with healing. See the section below for links.

Organizations with reputable training, certification, and nationwide referrals include: 

Association of Network Care
The American Holistic Medical Association
The American Holistic Nurses Association
The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of AsiaTM
Healing Touch
Nurse Healer's Professional Associates International, Incorporated; the Official Organization for Therapeutic Touch